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I overheard a very loud conversation, against my will mind you, two of the old ladies I work with that are talking about food and their systems... one of the ladies says, "I try to eat corn every other day to make sure my system is running properly..."


Overheard in a cafe, two women speaking about a child sitting on the other side of the table,
"Jim lives with us now, His mother can't bear having him around, it's not so much jim as who he reminds her of!"

One line, so much left unsaid.
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On the bus yesterday morning

KID: What street is this one?

MOM: We're on North Street.

KID: Do we turn now?

MOM: No, we have to go past [lists the next four cross-streets] and then take a big turn by the bridge. That's Barrington Street.

KID: Yeah! I love streets!
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I kid you not...

Situation:  A crowded, hip coffeeshop near an Ivy League university.  I'm sharing a table with two people, mid-twenties, on a date.  At first I thought the guy was joking, but he really, truly was not.

Guy:  So tell me about where you where you grew up.
Girl:  Well, we actually moved around a lot because my brother is deaf and we had a hard time finding a school that would work for him so--
Guy:  Wait, you said your brother is deaf?  Why would he want to be deaf?
Girl, after a moment of confusion: He was born that way; it wasn't really a choice.  So anyway, we moved around a lot so he could find a school where he could learn how to communicate with people through--
Guy:  He wanted to talk to other people?  Why?
Girl: Well, it's pretty lonely if you have no one to communicate with--
Guy:  So he learned that hand talking?  Sign language? 
Girl: Yeah--
Guy:  But why? It'd be great not to talk to anyone.

The best part was the guy thought this was going great.  Even when he noticed at one point that the girl wore a hearing aid and he remarked, "Oh!  So you have it, too!"
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I hope this is allowed...
I saw Harriet the Spy movie yesterday, after being a HUGE HUGE fan of the book since 4th grade. Then I made a bajillion icons! Ok more like 40 icons:

( here ) @ dearskies; please credit boo if you use.
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Over heard at work this morning... I think they were sore about the election and made all kinds of comments saying the this country will definitly turn to shit or whatever blah blah's...

"Oh, a perfect example Mary-Anne. A black man is elected president and the pot is legalized! Go figure!"

I nearly choked on my chocolate milk...